Lexar 8GB ExpressCard SSD
Posted on: 02.06.2008 01:00:00

Installation is a breeze and the product just needs pushing in once you remove your express port cover. As you†saw and the last page†the card just protrudes from the laptop slot, which could have been rectified with a slightly different design. Before we bench the Lexar Express card I have to mention the nice little backup software included, this is ideal for business and those that work from home to back up their work.

Auto update feature of the software, this popped up when I first launched the product

As you can see the interface is basic, here we can select the folder/folders we wish to back up.

For an example we chose my documents, once you have chose this you can select the types of files you want it to back up, which can be useful if your folders are full of other files you donít need backing up. You can also select how frequent you want the back up to be done.

I chose to backup the entire content of my documents, which is a total of 7-8 gigs pushing the drives size. All in all though the built in software was easy to use, and straight forward to use, time to see how this benches and look at the benefits.

First up HDtune

As you can see the ExpressCard SSD is beaten by the USB drive, I expected this due to the difference in power consumption, although it is acts as a USB device. Let us move on to Sisoft and see how it fairs.

Now again the tests show the Lexar 8 Gig express card falling behind on all 3 of the results, but still when you consider the power consumption of the 3 devices the performance loss is not so bad, put it this way on the battery of my laptop with nothing plugged in I get about 1hr and 50minutes if browsing or document writing. With the USB drive in and writing a document on that and web browsing this can drop as low as 1hr 20 minutes or there about. With the Lexar ExpressCard SSD this is not the case and the laptop lasts about 1hr 35 - 40 minutes, now for mobile users who the card is aimed at this is a great benefit, especially if you are working on files stored on the drive.

So although it didnít operate as fast as the USB drive, the power consumption is were the benefits were and for people on the move that is important. I also used the drive under vista, via vista boost and there was a slight increase in performance when opening and shutting files I was working with, so a performance boost without a huge power hit.

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