Kworld DVD Maker 2 USB
Posted on: 01.08.2009 01:00:00

Considering it is literally just a dongle, the DVD Maker 2 has quite an appeal to it – it has two different textures on the top and ends, whilst the base has a “stealth” grey colouring. These styling choices are certainly beneficial to the DVD Maker 2s desirability – especially in the current technology market where fashion matters.

The two textures are slightly more visible in this photo, the top being a sort of matt black effect, with the bottom being a glossy black. The USB Jack itself is quite sturdy, I would be surprised if this broke without substantial force.

Along the middle of the DVD Maker 2’s top is a piece of clear plastic, at the end closest to the USB jack is a slightly raised button, which also features a blue LED. Once the included software is loaded on the host pc, this button acts as a physical record switch – quite useful if you’re recording live footage from a RCA source.

The bottom of the DVD Maker 2 is quite simple – as you would expect really, displaying the barcode, product name and various certifications. The KWorld DVD Maker 2 was made in China.

The DVD Maker 2 comes with a fair few bits and pieces – included are CDs for PowerDirector V6 & PowerProducer 4, the DVD Maker 2 installation CD itself and “CG PAK” DV Loop – a disc full of free-to-use video loops etc.

A quick start guide, USB extension cable and RCA/S-Video input cable are included. Now that we’ve seen the DVD Maker 2 package itself, let’s see how it is to use.

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