Kworld DVD Maker 2 USB
Posted on: 01.08.2009 01:00:00

The DVD Maker 2’s packaging is quite nice – it leaves the DVD Maker 2 dongle on display whilst also giving quite a bit of information on its functions. e.g. in this photo you can see that the DVD Maker 2 features Video, S-Video and Audio Left & Right inputs. Listed on the top left hand side are various functions of the DVD Maker 2 and the included software, this includes “1-click” YouTube, PSP and iPod compatible videos.

The back of the packaging tell us even more about the DVD Maker 2, whilst also expanding upon the information provided on the front – e.g. more information on publishing your videos straight to YouTube. Something worth noting here is the fact that it lists compatibility with not only Windows XP and Vista, but also MACs. Both sides of the packaging list the contents within.

The top of the DVD Maker 2 packaging is a bit less informative than the rest of the sides (other than the bottom which is plain white). This is not an unwelcome fact though, as it reduces the feel of crowdedness felt on the other sides.

Now that we’ve had a look at the box, let’s see what the unit inside should do.

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