Kworld DVD Maker 2 USB
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KWorld – As We Grow

Since its establishment in 1999, KWorld Computer Co., Ltd. has gone through a dramatic transformation within these past few years on the ultimate mission to become the leader of digital entertainment provider.  From an OEM oriented-company to a brand-focused corporation, KWorld founder has foreseen the infinite possibility brought about by the birth of the concept of multimedia and how it would revolutionize the interaction between consumers and computers. 

About Kworld

Our Commitment – Best Technology, Best Quality, and Best Service
The official 3 B’s of KWorld, Best Technology, Best Quality and Best Service, is our undiminished commitment to our clients and end-users.  KWorld Research and Development Team delivers dependable technology aligning with consumer needs and integrate KWorld-original software with the innovative hardware, which is supported by many different computer platforms – such as Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows XP, to the latest Windows Vista.  Moreover, all KWorld products are certified by Microsoft, so not only do our clients enjoy top-quality products, but they are also protected by guarantee.

To ensure the quality of our products, KWorld has maintained close relationships with carefully-selected reputable manufacturing counterparts.  KWorld has established many branch offices worldwide, from Taiwan Head Quarter to US/UK Branch office to Australia Regional Sales Office, to provide constant service and up-to-date product information to our clients.  From September, 2008, with the official launch of the new KWorld website, we hope to better-serve our end-users with the new website structure, and more resourceful product information.

With a mission to become the leader of “digital entertainment provider”, KWorld has certainly set itself some very high goals. This should ensure that all their products are of high quality and are easy to use by the end-user. This is pushed further by KWorld’s “commitment” to be the best in the three categories of Technology, Quality and Service. As these are the criteria I place against every piece of technology I buy, the KWorld DVD Maker 2 should come out above competition.

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