Kingston DT Elite USB 3.0 64GB
Posted on: 17.01.2013 11:51:40

Arriving as it did on a card blister pack less than A5 paper size it is clear that Kingston do not want to over complicate things with elaborate oversized packaging on a device so small , in a day and age where green is king this is certainly nice to see. USB speeds are given on the front and the standard pack info and recycling info is on the back.

The drive its self is a very neat little device with only minor styling that is both attractive and functional with only a small eyelet for a keychain loop breaking up the rather sleek exterior.

The Graphite hood retracts to allow access to the USB 3.0 plug.

Materials and construction are excellent quality with no creaking on plastic joints and zero wobble on the USB plug. Sturdy construction has always been an earmark of Kingston products and the ET Elite is no exception.

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