Jeantech Storm 700W modular PSU
Posted on: 08.01.2007 01:00:00

Upon opening the box the first thing you see is the instruction manual and the cable box, let us take it all out and have a look shall we

Included in the package is the cable box, the instruction manual, the PSU and of course a Power cable. All the contents were in perfect condition with no visible damage or scratches

The 120mm fan on the underbelly is of the clear type with blue LED lights, with a Jeantech logo right in the centre of the grill and is rated at (Still waiting for info, even taking the PSU apart did not reveal anything), the cables that are permanently attached to the PSU are actually case fan connectors only. I was pleased to see this feature still being used, but would of liked them to be modular as well.

The rear of the PSU is different from what you would expect to see with a centralised power switch and above that the power watcher, now I have mixed feelings about the power watcher, in that it is nice to know how much your system is pulling, but how my pc is setup and probably most of yours are too, this will be facing a wall. However as a reviewer this could give me some good use and info on power consumption.

As you would expect from most PSUís the side of the PSU has the spec of the rails as well as some other details, including the kite marks and the fact that it is ATX, BTX and EPS compatible.

Moving round to the front of the PSU we can see the Jeantech uses motherboard type connectors for the modular cables, this should produce much better and secure connection compared to the just plug in and go types, take the 24 pin cable, the PSU end is almost identical to the motherboard one, which should prove to be more solid. Even the Molex cables connect to what looks like a four pin CPU motherboard connector. A nice touch if you ask me and a excellent way to ensure cables donít come loose. Let us take a look at the cables themselves.

There are quite a few cables in the box so let us take a look at them one by one.

This is the 4 pin or 8 pin CPU connector, I was glad to see this included due to the 8 pin power point found on most new core duo motherboards. I was also pleasantly surprised that under lighting that the connectors were actually reacting to the UV and glowing black, which was quite strange.

The same can be said about the motherboard 24 pin lead, this too had blue connectors that lit up black with the UV light.

The Molex cables use a 4 pin to connect to the PSU, the same as well for the SATA, but with an extra 2 pin for the PSU side. Although these are plain black.

The Pci-Express power connectors though are red (should be really with the power consumption of todayís graphics cards). This too like the other color connectors has a reaction to UV light. I donít know if this was intended by Jeantech. Anyway enough of the looks build and appearance, time to set this baby up and see if it performs or falls flatÖ.

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