Jeantech Absolute 1000w Modular PSU
Posted on: 02.06.2008 01:00:00

When most people come to build a new computer, the component that is often overlooked is the power supply. Many people think that the PSU included free with their case will do. Not only the free ones shoddily made, but with high end components consuming more and more power, a new breed of super power supplies are needed, and one of these is the Jeantech 1000w Absolute.

Before installing this power supply the rig in this test was running off of a 550w power supply. The system clearly was in need of more power, and installing the Jeantech Absolute 1000w gave the machine a new lease of life. With the new power supply the system felt all round more responsive, and to boot the 3dmark scores increased by around 1000 points! This won’t be the case for everyone installing higher wattage PSU’s, but it shows that it is essential to ensure you have enough power for your rig (and not just run on the minimum power you can).

I was unable to find the Absolute 1000w for sale, and hence a price for the PSU at the time of writing, so can’t comment on its cost. I suspect that it will be priced as competitively with the other 1000w PSU’s available (as the rest of Jeantech’s products are competitively priced). This would put the PSU around £160, which is not cheap by any means.

The Jeantech’s voltage regulation is perfectly fine for a high end PSU, and is within the limits it was tuned to during its manufacture.

All in all the Jeantech 1000w Absolute is a very capable PSU. It has a wide range of modular power connectors that can all be used at the same time, and has enough juice to power pretty much any system that you can dream of making today. So, the Jeantech Absolute gets our recommended award

• Quiet
• Lots of power
• Plenty of modular connections available
• 12v Rails clearly labelled for easy load balancing

• Not cheap (Though this much power never is)

Reality Check: The Jeantech Absolute is a solid PSU that handled a relatively high end quad core system with ease. It is quiet to boot and will no doubt be priced competitively with other PSU’s in this class.

Reviewed by Dan

Thanks to Jeantech for supplying the PSU for review

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