JAHT 2 Port SOHO solution KVM Switch
Posted on: 13.09.2004 01:00:00

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†† 2 Port SOHO solution KVM Switch


Today After a few requests by email I will be looking at a 2 port KVM switch, for those of you that donít know what a KVM switch is for let me explain.

KVM switches enable you to connect up 2 or 3 or 4 depending on models computers to one keyboard and mouse and monitor. And with a press of some hot keys allow you to switch between computers. Broadband warehouse have been kind enough to let me take a look at JAHT 2 Port version (2 computers) pre Production model so letís get on with it.


Part-1 the unit††††††††††††††††††††

The first thing that you will have noticed is the cables are built in this makes life a lot easier and also saves you a bit of cash. Both leads were about 1.5m in length and give you plenty of cable to connect up 2 PCís. The unit itself is well made and sturdy although plastic time to get it connected and see how easy it is to use.



On the left is the Keyboard and mouse connections these are were you plug your keyboard and mouse into. The right is the monitor connector for the monitors VGA connector, after you have plugged them in. connect up the attached leads to each computer. After that just boot up each pc separately and thatís it youíre done. Operation is a snitch with the monitor and keyboard changing between the 2 computers with a 3 button combo ( Ex Control, shift and 1 = computer 1, Control, shift and 2 = computer 2) thatís it as easy as that one package one job nice.



Very nice not only was this easy and simple to setup (under 5 mins), the cables are attached to this model and there no extras to buy I have no choice but to recommend it. Quite a lot of users now have 2 computers and need a solution to switch between the 2. this is ideal as you just have to buy the product open it up and within minutes your set up to go, a good quality Mini KVM switch, with no extras to buy.




Wires attached

Easy to setup

Sturdy build

Simple operation



None really



To buy this and any other JAHT equipment please visit Broadband Warehouse††


Thanks to Roger from Broadband warehouse for letting us look at a pre-production model.


Reviewed By R.Bowzer


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