JAHT 11Mbps Soho Router
Posted on: 22.07.2004 01:00:00

Part-2 Installation

Installation was easy if you now what you are doing, the quick installation guide helps you to logon to the routers page. For those of you that are changing from a USB ADSL modem to a router for the first time I have 2 suggestions firs follow the instructions for the install without removing or disconnecting your USB modem. Go to tools, internet options, and connections in internet explorer ok now change from always dial this connection to dial when network not present.

This will enable you to connect to the router without the connect message coming up. The Reason I say this is because it will allow you to go to your ADSL providerís webpage and find the settings you need, while of coarse still connected to the router.

After putting all the info in and setting the settings on the router setup page disconnect your USB modem and connect the ADSL cable to the router then save and reboot the router and thatís it your done.

I know that sounds a bit hard to some but it takes about ten minutes and thatís it setting up access for wireless cards and other computers on normal LAN was easy and straight forward.

I Was impressed.

All set up and running fine ran a few tests on packet loss and noise and had no problems the wireless side was the same (unlike my wireless linksys) which had this habit of disconnecting from any wireless device that I took into the garden so it has my approval.


Overall I was impressed with this router, ok it wasnít 54Mbps but it has worked without problems for me for the last week. Not once have I had to reboot the router, which is excellent as I had to do this with my old one as it kept giving me disconnection problems, would I buy this router?? Yes if my budget was limited this would be my choice. If the budget is not a problem I would go for there higher speed models either 54Mbps or there 108Mbps now were talking Xtreme.



Well built and slim design

Ease of setup and install

Faultless wireless capabilities

Silver color (minor point)

Fully loaded with features

Upgradeable firmware


Only 11 Mbps wireless

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Review by R.Bowzer

Thanks to Broadband warehouse.ltd †for supplying this item for Review


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