InWin Dragon Slayer mATX case
Posted on: 20.02.2011 01:00:00

IN-WIN Development Inc., an ISO 9001 manufacturer of professional computer chassis, power supplies and digital storage devices, is the leading provider of enclosure solutions to system integrators worldwide. Founded in 1986, IN-WIN provides high quality chassis that conform to all safety regulations, as well as unsurpassed customer service.

In Win has become a leading, top - notch manufacturer of core technology in order to meet market and consumer needs and demands.

Our company’s management team has laid a strong foundation in terms of eight major elements:

Innovation, Service, Speed, Value, Safety, Warmth, Faithfulness, and Diligence.
These elements help In Win to remain a leader in the business realm and also help differentiate us from our competition.

Today I will be reviewing the In Win Dragon Slayer, a compact mini tower chassis that doesn’t compromise on the graphics cards that you can use with it.

In Win is not the most well known brand, at least amongst UK enthusiasts, however with the ambitions and working ethic that In Win have set out, I am looking forward to reviewing their latest PC case.

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