Intel i7 920 Processor
Posted on: 03.08.2009 01:00:00

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now the core i7 line of processors use a ‘new’ socket. It is much bigger than the LGA775 socket and has 1366 contact pins. It’s no surprise that it is called socket LGA1366 then.

All i7 processors are quad core and with the release of i7 Intel brought back a useful technology called Hyper-Threading (as seen on Pentium 4’s). This allows unused parts of each core to start execution on a second thread, speeding up multi-threaded applications even more. So the OS will see the CPU as having 8 cores available (4 physical, 4 HT).

All Intel Core i7 processors feature:

    * Intel Turbo Boost technology
    * Intel Virtualization technology
    * Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology
    * Execute Disable Bit
    * Intel 64-architecture

Processor Number: i7-920

I could write a whole review in itself on the technology in and behind core i7, so I’ll have to skip over most things, but it’s worth pointing out that Intel have moved the memory controller from the NB to the CPU with the release of i7 (much like AMD did several years ago now) this move has allowed them to support triple channel DDR3 for lots and lots of memory bandwidth.

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