Inno3D nVidia GTX 460 Video Card
Posted on: 12.07.2010 01:00:00

To be honest, I was hoping this card would significantly out-perform my ageing GTX275, however, it has rather proved that my GTX275 was a smart investment. So, why would you buy this card? Well, let me tell you – firstly, this card is small, quiet and cool – it will not turn your PC case into a fan-assisted oven.

Secondly, the power consumption is actually quite low – this doesn’t seem significant, however over a full year, you may well be saving yourself quite a few five pound notes.

Once overclocked – this card becomes a bit of a performance bargain – out-performing my pre-overclocked GTX275 by a fair few frames per second. Obviously, each card will overclock to different levels, however there are rumours that a German tech-site got to 830mhz without any additional voltage. I imagine that if I applied additional voltage to my sample, I would be able to raise the clocks further – however due lack of driver support (which will no doubt be sorted within a few weeks) I have not been able to raise the voltage.

Talking of voltages – this card seems to run particularly cool for the performance it offers – after 20minutes of furmark, it didn't go over 28c Delta (with an ambient temp of 22c).

Finally – rumours have this card being sold at $230 – which would be £150 if you use the exchange rate as a conversion rate – however being in the UK probably means we’ll get it for about £170, in which case, it isn’t brilliant value, however it is a good card, a great upgrade from an ageing card such as an nVidia 8 or 9 series card, or an ATi card below the 4870. However, if you currently own a GTX275 or greater, I wouldn’t suggest you upgrade to this specific card – as the GTX275 is actually at or greater than the GTX460s level. Having said that – it could be that a more stable/developed driver brings the GTX460’s performance to new levels.

If you’ve currently got an ATi card such as the HD 4870 or below, I would suggest that the GTX460 might be a good upgrade – as we can see from the benchmarks, even if it doesn’t always deliver a big upgrade in frames per second, it does have a big affect on physx based games and synthetic benchmark scores.

Add to that the fact that the GTX400 series includes DX11 compatibility, it may be a great upgrade on your ageing setup.



Reality Check: If you're currently in the market for a reasonably priced mid-range card, or simply want to add DX11 to your rig, the GTX460 a card worth buying. I would probably put the lack of it beating the older card in all the games used in this test down to the drivers and have no doubt these will improve over the next month.

Review by Snubbsy

Thanks to inno3D for supplying the card for review.

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