Inno3D nVidia GTX 460 Video Card
Posted on: 12.07.2010 01:00:00

This Inno3D GTX460 box looks surprisingly identical to the GTX480 box from fellow XtremeComputing reviewer – Dan’s review of the Inno3D iChill GTX480. In fact, the GTX460 sticker appears to have just been stuck on the GTX480 box! This may change before going to market.

Other than that, the box is actually very attractive – sporting a metallic effect reflective look.

On the side we can see the product name, and a small barcode/stock sticker.

The back of the box includes marketing jargon explaining how great this card is. It also mentions that it is a GTX480... Again, I expect this to change before going to retailers!

The top of the box continues that sexy metallic/reflective theme. Also carrying the GeForce GTX Inno3D logos.

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