Inno3D nVidia GTX 460 Video Card
Posted on: 12.07.2010 01:00:00

A little about Inno3D (taken from Inno3Ds website)

InnoVISION Multimedia Limited is a pioneering developer and manufacturer of a diverse range of cutting-edge multimedia PC hardware products established in 1998 Hong Kong. Our manufacturing operations have been set up since 1990 in Shenzhen, China. In this short period of time we focus on manufacturing OEM/ODM products as well as contracting out extensive production and research facilities to specialist companies. We have accomplished international recognition by PCs top reviewers as becoming an outstanding success and one of the most fast growing companies in Asia.

Our company's objective is to deliver the ultimate multimedia experience to the masses of PC users and multimedia professionals at an affordable cost. InnoVISION was then created to build brand awareness for the continuously growing product range in order to meet the fast growing market.

InnoVISION's product scope comprises the successful Inno3D brand - a comprehensive variety of 3D graphic board accelerators, the InnoDV - series of digital video/TV capture and editing products, InnoAX - high-end sound / audio cards, and EIO - advanced peripherals.

InnoVISION boasted a significant rate and increase in the market share of graphics card sales over the past years. To maintain InnoVISION highly respected image we will continuously focus to achieve a competitive advantage by maintaining constant product quality by continuous research and advance technical support to target customer needs.

Today I have the great pleasure of reviewing the brand new nVidia GTX 460! This particular model is manufactured by Inno3D (Dan recently reviewed their watercooled GTX480 iChill card).

Anyway, rumours tell us that this GTX460 card should be a brilliant mid-range card, and from nVidias current pricing, I predict it to be priced around 160-190. Rumours also mention that this card may well overclock brilliantly, however, we wont make any assumptions at this point in the review.

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