Inno3D NVIDIA GT240 i-Chill
Posted on: 10.01.2010 01:00:00

Removing the inner packaging from the box we get a glimpse of the heat sink on the GT240. It’s a little smaller than I was expecting from the size of the box, which could probably hold an ATX motherboard.

Opening the inner box you can see the GT240 is very well protected by foam.

Digging deeper into the box we finally get our first look at the GT240 proper. I have to say the packaging is completely over the top. A box half the size would have been ample, the brown box at the bottom of the above pictures is in fact empty.

Removing the GT240 from the box we can see the fan is situated pretty much on top of the GPU with the heat pipes coming out on either side. The fins of the heat sink are aluminium and spaced sufficiently apart to allow a decent cooling and yet airflow over the pcb once past them should also cool any components that need it.

Looking at the rear of the pcb you can see the cooler is mounted using the standard mounting points so if you wanted to for any reason you could change the cooler easily. As you can see there are no SLI connections so that means there is no doubling up on the GT240.

The Inno3D GT240 carries 3 connectors, from left to right, HDMI, VGA and DVI, with the VGA and DVI being gold plated. So no matter what you are connecting it too there is probably the connection you need on there. The fins on the cooler look quite deep and I would guess that this is close to taking up more than a dual slot cooler.

Looking under the heat sink the memory chips are not fitted with any extra cooling, either they don’t need it, or the cooling provided by the iChill cooler is sufficient that nothing extra is needed.

The supplied extras, which basically consists of a manual and “installation kit” (driver disk) and the game Alone In The Dark.

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