Gainward Ultra/1960PCX XP 6600GT- 128mb Golden Sample
Posted on: 28.12.2005 01:00:00

System Specs


Intel P4 3.0 GHZ 755@ 3.5 mhz 

Main board

Abit AA8 3RD EYE

GFX Card

Gainward Ultra/1960PCX XP 6600GT- Golden Sample

Sound map

Soundblaster Audigy 2 NX supplied by Creative

CPU Cooling

Custom kit with WaterChill Block and Danger den 3 5 dual floppy bay res  

Main memory

2x 512 Mushkin 4,4,4,10 DDR2@ 936 supplied by Mushkin

Non removable disks

1x WD 160gig 1x Maxtor 120 gig

removable disks

1x Maxtor 80gig

DVD burner

Pioneer 8x speed


Akasa Eclipse supplied by Akasa


Antec Phantom 350W

Install was just a straightforward operation and done in five minutes. As for the drivers well I first done a reinstall of windows as my last card was a x700 and I wanted to make sure no other elements were involved in testing. The Benchmarks I ran were 3DMARK 03 and 05, Code Creatures and Aquamark 3. Bellow is the results at stock and clocked.

GFX Card

Gainward  Ultra/1960PCX XP 6600GT- Golden Sample

3DMARK 03 standard

7903 @1024x768 32

3DMARK 03 Clocked@ 540/1150

                              8898 @1024x768 32

3DMARK 05 standard

 3029 @1024x768 32

3DMARK 05 Clocked@ 540/1150

3429 @1024x768 32

Code Creatures Clocked@ 540/1150


4808 @1024x768 32 2

2429 @1024x768 32 – 4xAA

Aquamark 3 Clocked@ 536/11503

                       57211 @1024x768 32 – 4xAF

The standard and clock modes describe the cards options out of the box, with Gainward’s ExpertTool the card is clocked still under warranty to 540/1150, this is because the Golden Sample has better performing ram than its standard brothers although only 128mb is present I still managed to maintain a healthy FPS in a few games. Ok the card struggled a bit with AA and AF on full but having said that this card is a little beauty.

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