Gainward 8800GTS 640MB Golden Sample in SLi
Posted on: 07.05.2007 01:00:00

Overall what can I say I am impressed, the Gainward 8800GTS Bliss golden sample was a delight to review in SLi mode, the performance side the setup proved to be on the ball at the higher resolutions and with only a slight frame drop the higher you got. This is what SLi was intended for and that’s what this package will do for you. The cards not once faulted me on any of the games I played (except Rainbow Six Vegas – Buggy anyone) having said that it 2 of these cards are quite a premium when compared to a single card. But if high resolution gaming is what your after then I would give the  Gainward 8800GTS Bliss golden sample a look, in SLi mode it makes you wonder why would you need a set of GTX cards in SLi when the 8800GTS Bliss Golden Sample in SLi can handle everything you through at it. One of the reviewers at Xtreme was so impressed with the cards results in this test he went out and bought one of these himself!

• Good Solid Construction
• Impressive Performance
• Very little frame drop on higher resolutions
• DirectX 10 ready
• Excellent support

• Not For the Budget Buyer
• Stock Cooler

Review by Vman & R.Bowzer

Thanks to Gainward for supplying the cards for review

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