Gainward 8800GTS 640MB Golden Sample in SLi
Posted on: 07.05.2007 01:00:00

GTR3 was handled with ease and I have know doubt would run at 2048x1536, without any problems, I could not try that resolution though as my monitor does not support above 1600x1200.

F.E.A.R looked superb at this resolution and was fully playable, I never thought these cards would handle F.E.A.R so well at this res, I expected it to run but with the odd frame drop, but in ran flawlessly.

Overclocking, well we cannot really provide any Overclocking results as every program we tried seem to just refer back to stock speed, even the built in NVIDIA panel could not find a higher optimal setting. But with the cards hitting 70-76c under load I can see why.

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