Gainward 8800GTS 640MB Golden Sample in SLi
Posted on: 07.05.2007 01:00:00

Product Name:





NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS

GPU Clockspeed:

550 MHz


640MB 1,1ns DDR3

Memory Clockspeed:

1760 MHz

Pixels per clock (peak) :


64 GB/s


400 MHz




Fan (Two-slot)


Component, S-Video & Composite Out


Dvi + Dvi + Video-Out

Powered by NVIDIA´s® GeForce® 8800GTS graphics processor unit (GPU), BLISS 8800GTS 640TV Golden SampleDD is designed to deliver an incredible realistic gaming experience, displaying 3D and HDR lightning effects as never seen or experienced before. With it´s 640MB/320bits high-speed memory BLISS 8800GTS offers a knock-out performance allowing gamers to blast through games at record breaking speeds.

Some specs for you too look at here, the thing that caught my eye was the massive amount of ram on-board the card, I am expecting good things from the Gainward cards after looking at this. One thing I should also point out, even though you probably already know is that the 8800 series is currently the only DirectX 10 card and with that in mind it should be bursting all games still using DirectX 9. We could of added a whole explanation of DirectX 10 here but I presume most of you know the facts by now. I know there are no DirectX 10 games yet but the fact it was designed with that in mind we should see some excellent results. Before we get on with the testing let us take a look at the cards themselves.

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