Gainward 8800GTS 640MB Golden Sample in SLi
Posted on: 07.05.2007 01:00:00

First a Bit of history about Gainward taken from there website.

“Gainward is a world leading producer of High-quality, High-End 3D accelerators for the Personal Computer market. Gainwards offers a full product line of value adding products targeting gaming enthusiasts as well as entry-level consumers. At Gainward they like to focus on the great advantages and benefits from being a member of Palit Microsystem Inc family. Their China factory which was established 1992 has a capacity of producing 1200K products per month., combined with a well structured and organized RD and purchasing departments allows them to keep on producing and resenting a full range of High-quality innovative products.”

Today we have a treat for you as I will be reviewing the Gainward 8800GTS 640mb Bliss Golden sample in SLi, this is one of the latest GeForce chipsets on the market, holding a massive 640mb of RAM on each card. Which adds up to a total of 1280mb of GFX memory which should be more than enough to play the latest games on the market, as well as some future titles. Add to that they are also the golden sample editions with a GPU clock speed of 550 and 1760 I am expecting great things. I have had a Gainward card before, but this is the first time since a 6600gt I looked at a long while back. Let us move onto the review and see if Gainward are keeping the reputation I associate with them intact.

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