FusionAA - is it he best hand etched acrylic case ever seen?
Posted on: 02.06.2008 01:00:00

A few months ago we were pondering on doing a Mod and were thinking up ideas when AMD went ahead and bought ATi, so I thought why not make a mod based on the fusion of AMD and ATi hence the name of the mod Fusion AA, all that was left to do was to decide the direction of the build and design, then Archer are very own resident etcher suggested we do an acrylic based case with some etchings, that way we could do some rather large focal etch on the side panel allowing for more details than anything we have done in the past.

But before we go on, big thanks go out to the sponsors of the mod who made this possible. Please if you appreciate the time and effort put into the project click their links

First of lets talk about the parts we had, the first was a disused Acrylic tower in blue, this was completely stripped so only the back motherboard panel and the back plate were left. Then these parts were sourced from the sponsors.

1x AMD Black Edition 5000+  - Supplied by AMD
1x MSI K9A platinum Motherboard – Supplied by MSI
1x ATI 2900XT 512 – supplied by AMD
1x OCZ Reapers 8500 – Supplied by OCZ
1x OCZ ModXstream 780w PSU Supplied by OCZ
1x WD RaptorX 150GB  - Supplied by Western Digital
1x WD Caviar SE16 320GB  - Supplied by Western Digital
1x Pioneer BDC-S02BK (blue ray combo)  - Supplied by Pioneer

2x Black ICE stealth GT II 120
2x XSPC X20 compact 400 Pumps
1x XSPC Delta CPU block
1x EK-FCR600 CF - Acetal (full cover GPU block)
1x Fesser one UV acid green mix
1x Fesser one UV blood red mix

(All supplied by WatercoolingUK)

Modding parts
2x ACRYAN 5mm thick UV green Acrylpanel
1x ACRYAN 3mm thick Black tint Acrylpanel
2x ACRYAN 120mm Red blackfire 4 fans
1x ACRYAN 80mm Red Blackfire 4 Fan
2x ACRYAN 120mm RadGrille grills
1x UV acrylic RadGrille grill
2x ACRYAN FlexiSleeve UV green braiding Kits
4x ACRYAN Twin UV overboost CCFL packs

(All supplied by A.C.Ryan)

Now we had the Parts it was time to start cutting acrylic for our plans, you can read about the progress of this at any of these places

XtremeComputing Fusion AA build 

The Mod Nation - Forums  (great Modding forum, friendly and helpful, also some great mods)

WatercoolingUK – One of our sponsors of the mod great community building up over at the forums

KustomPC’s – (Were do you begin, this was the first place I discovered Modding parts at in the UK)

Please take your time to look at the mod at your place of choice a hell of a lot of work with a dremel and 1000s and 1000s of dots were used to create the shading. No laser work here

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