Everglide g-1000 gaming mouse
Posted on: 13.11.2006 01:00:00

The first thing that you notice when you remove the mouse is the weight as I mentioned earlier, the G-1000 is extremely lightweight weighing 15g, this is either a blessing or a curse to most people as I have found that some people like a heavy mouse while like me prefer a lightweight model. I prefer a light mouse because I have been using light weight mice for over 10 years now. The second thing that I noticed was the shape, I like a small mouse and the Everglide does not exactly come under that category, do no get me wrong it is not massive but flat, which gives the G-1000 a wide palm surface, this is something that I a not too fond of as I like to grip the but thatís just me.

The G-1000 has a nice smooth feel to it as ever glide have covered the main parts with rubber which is always a sign of quality, the only problem that I have is the blandness of it all, my current mouse looks very snazzy and performs to a high standard, the G-1000 doesnít look that impressive at all and I havenít even tested it yet, lets hope it has incredible test results. The G-1000 as stated in the features and specifications list has x5 buttons they are all quite easily accessible and have a rubber feel to the too which is a nice touch, the side buttons are a bit high for my hand but I am sure that it is just different ergonomics to my old mouse.

The G-1000 has x3 different dpi speeds, they are 400, 800, 1600 there is no indication of which speed you are currently in which is a shame and I think could have enhanced the look of the G-1000. To change the dpi ever glide have given use two triangular rubber buttons to press, these allow us to switch up and down between dpi, this is a nice touch as I have only prior to this been able to switch one way and have to cycle through the dpi before I got to the setting that I wanted. Unfortunately I think that the rubber dpi buttons look out of place and are to robust compared to the rest of the G-1000.

The left and right click are slightly raised from palm level which I must say is very comfortable, it allows Ever Glide to give the buttons a stronger resistance to your fingers, what I mean by this is it make it harder to press the button accidentally while in a heated moment.

The Wheel is something that disappointed me, it was too loose, I like my wheel to click with every turn, the G-1000ís is loose and it is easy to over turn the wheel, some people might like this but I think it makes using the wheel difficult.

Looking at the base of the G-1000 I was glad to see that the optical sensor had been placed in the centre of the mouse, I have used the mice with the sensor to the side or base and they are well shall we say crap for gaming.

Overall I am a little disappointed with the design of he G-1000 but it has some nice features such as the rubber coating and -+ dpi switches, I also like the left & right clicks as they have a good solid feel too them, some of he down sides are the wheel and as mentioned the bland design, I was also disappointed that the G-1000 didnít have a dpi indicator to allow you to see which mode you are in but this is ever glides first mouse.

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