Everglide g-1000 gaming mouse
Posted on: 13.11.2006 01:00:00

Everglide™, based in San Diego California, is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of enhanced gaming peripherals since its inception in 1997. Optimizing game play for a wide range of games such as Counterstrike, Quake and Painkiller, Everglide™ is also regarded as one of the leading brands in home and office peripherals.

First launched in 1997, Everglide™ revolutionized the mouse pad industry with its acute surfaces and emphasis on durability. This created a paradigm shift in how mouse pads were viewed, particularly within the gaming community. Through the years, Everglide™ mouse pads have garnered various awards and accolades and has been highly accredited by gaming magazines and websites.

In 2005, Everglide™ once again redefines the next step in the evolution of precision mousing with the launch of the Everglide Titan™, featuring the proprietary award-winning Fibertek™ surface technology. Widely recognized within the Esports community for unprecedented quality and reliability in mousing surfaces, Everglide™ scaled up the value chain to design and manufacture the full suite of cutting edge gaming peripherals, namely the Everglide™ s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones , Everglide™ t-1000 Professional Gaming Keyboard, the Everglide™ g-1000 Gaming Mouse and the Everglide MouseGlidez™ .

Each Everglide™ product is an epitome of pride and excellence, designed and engineered to enhance the quality of true gaming experience. Everglide™ will continue to develop products in collaboration with top technology providers as well as some of the best gamers of the world today.

Today we will be looking at the Everglide g-1000 gaming mouse, this is ever glides first attempt at a gaming mouse so it should be interesting. Ever glide began I 1997 where they revolutionised the mouse mat industry with its acute surfaces, this created a shift in the way people viewed their mouse mat, I for one where very sceptical when the first optical mice mats hit the shelves but after using one for a few years I can gladly say that they make a massive difference in the speed and sensitivity of you mouse. Ever glide have moved a long way form 1997 as they have moved into the PC peripherals and are now manufacturing not only mice of their own but a nice looking set of gaming headphones. Lets the hope the G-1000 gaming mouse lives up to ever glides successful history.

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