Evercool Transformer 4 (HPJ-12025) CPU Cooler
Posted on: 12.10.2009 01:00:00

The Evercool Transformer 4 is well within the enthusiast leagues of cooling. Its use of two low-speed fans rather than a single high-speed fan ensures that it performs whilst also maintaining some class in the way of near silent operation.

It may not be quite up to the standard of cooling that the Titan Fenrir provides, however, by upgrading the fans to some of equal performance (and noise) to that of the Fenrir, I believe that the Evercool Transformer 4 could well come out on top.



Reality Check: Are you looking for effective cooling which is also quiet? Does the Titan Fenrir’s name scare you? The Evercool Transformer 4 is well worth the investment.

Reviewed by Jim

Thanks to Evercool for supplying the cooler for review

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