Evercool Transformer 4 (HPJ-12025) CPU Cooler
Posted on: 12.10.2009 01:00:00

After opening the cardboard shipping box the Transformer 4 came in, I instantly alikened the packaging to that of the Titan Fenrir – the Heatsink is on full display, whilst being surrounded with information on its compatibility and performance.

The back of the box features various features and specifications, along with a diagram showing heat flow and disapparation within the heatsink. The listed weight is a whole 843.5 grams! This thing, much like fellow Taiwanese competition is a monster in both weight and size.

The back also tells us that Evercool recommend using one or both fans, according to the users requirements. This is reassuring – as some people may find they can only fit one fan within their setup (e.g. if their ram slots are too close to the HSF etc).

The right hand side of the packaging lists the AMD compatibility and a few features including “easy installation”, “Silent” and “all in one design”. The left hand side of the packaging lists the Intel CPU compatibility, whilst also showing a few product pictures.

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