Epic Gear Medusa Gaming Mouse
Posted on: 30.10.2012 09:36:23

What cannot be denied is that the Medusa is a very attractive mouse with striking styling and a rubber feel finish.

Designed for right hand use only the thumb side holds 3 buttons on a large slanted thumb rest, these buttons (from left to right)are defaulted to profile, page forward, page back, a small indicator below the profile select shows the DPI in 4 stages, although perhaps having the DPI indicator under the profile button seems a little counter intuitive.

The right pinkie side has a small pinkie rest and no buttons, Its strange twist on a mouse largely covered with a non slip coating, the pinkie rest is left as a glossy plastic finish making actually resting ones pinkie on it rather tricky.

Left and Right click are incorporated in to the shell rather than standalone clearly delineated buttons and the choice really helps the overall design flow, the profile switch a rubberised scroll wheel, in this mouse the wheel has only one button, a down click rather than some in this price bracket who have left and right clicks in addition.

As shown the centre scroll also doubles as the Profile indicator.

In a rather nice little accent the EG and Medusa logos light up, and even more handy, these can be turned off in settings.

The bottom houses a switch to swap between the various sensors contained within the Medusa mouse, although it would have been far more convenient on top of the mouse for on the fly switching it had to go somewhere. A small gripe with the Medusa lies in the pattern that the double sensor layout gives, It has a smiley face on the bottom, Given that the outer packaging also features a face made up of sections of the mouse I can’t decide whether the smiley face is accidental or deliberate but for some weird reason I find it slightly weird on a product that touts as a serious gaming peripheral.

The Mouse cable is a very attractive black and red braid; this is very high quality and looks fantastic too.

Connection is provided by gold plated USB and the Epic Gear EG logo is embossed .

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