Epic Gear Medusa Gaming Mouse
Posted on: 30.10.2012 09:36:23

Introduction (Taken from the EpicGear Medusa page)

The Perfect Gaming-Ergonomic Design - Co-developed by pro gamers, every line, every curve and every concave on the Meduza was thoroughly studied and analyzed for the one purpose of extreme support and comfort for even the most hardcore gamers after long hours of play time. The gaming focused ergonomic design makes Meduza an extension of your hand forming an epic weapon against your opponents.

My take on the topic

The gaming mouse market is full of mice for all types of gamers from hardcore enthusiasts to casual players with twitch and macro fanatics catered for along the way. Epic Gear is a relatively new kid on the block and has some very big ideas on how a gaming peripheral should perform.

With both optical and laser tracking available on the same device the Medusa is certainly interesting as first glance. Can the Medusa compete against the already saturated market.

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