Crucial 1 gig DDR2 PC2-4200 Laptop SODIMM
Posted on: 04.05.2006 01:00:00

Well the result here is pretty obvious, especially when the cost involved can save you a fair bit of cash. Just imagine how gutted you would be if you bought the same laptop as me with one gig, but I bought the same equipment only with 256mg instead of a gig and purchased the kit my self. Well when I have saved over £70/$150 dollars you would(saving you would make if you bought this setup then memory after. Still I find it pretty amazing that most new laptops today are dual channel compatible, but yet even thought the laptop came with 256mb this was in one stick so no dual channel, this is the same across the board on laptops, even some of the laptops already supplied with 1 gig, do so in a single stick.

Overall when comparing a 1 gig upgrade, is it really worth it, the cons are… well not much really apart from 5-10 minutes off the battery time, but to be really honest this time is made back up when you breeze through your tasks (such as photo editing) rather than crawl. Would I recommend this upgrade? Well I would be mad not too. If you wish you can try something here yourself, USA visit here and UK readers here.

Go through the Crucial memory advisor, take the price of the 1 gig set for your laptop add it to your laptop cost, then go find a laptop with same specs as yours and 1 gig of ram.. You will find that 96% of the time there is a saving to be made.

Highly recommended and a must for any laptop owner looking to get work done, improves the stability of the system while dealing with big files as well as handling large word and presentation files.

Price wont break the bank,
Dramatic performance increase,,
Will enable dual channel on supported laptops,
Deals with larger files easy
Laptop behaves more like a desktop performance wise

Less battery time

Reviewed by R  bowzer
Thanks to Crucial for supplying the ram for this comparison and review

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