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Posted on: 06.04.2010 01:00:00

Upon opening the box we see, well not a lot actually but lots of polystyrene packing, which is good in its self I suppose.

Removing the packaging we find a couple of items stored in a couple of little “alcoves” moulded into the sides of the packaging. Removing them we see they are in fact the retention plates for the various CPU’s.

AMD clips, above, look like they should screw into the stock retention bracket, this may mean you have to remove the motherboard as, I believe, this will mean removing the original screws which will release the rear mounting plate. You could get lucky though as some are stuck to the rear of the motherboard, or at least they used to be.

Above we have the rear mountings for the Intel sockets, obviously these will require access to the rear of the motherboard so if you are retro fitting this to a prebuilt system unless you have a case with a hole in the motherboard tray, as is often the case for aftermarket Intel coolers, you will need to remove your motherboard.

Opening the packing we finally get to see the ECO ALC. It is very well protected in its moulded polystyrene “shell”. Nothing can rattle around and get damaged on anything else as it is well separated.

Taking a closer look at the business end it appears to be nice and flat, which is the most important. I have seen much shinier on some coolers though. I cleaned off the pre applied paste for a couple of reasons, you are never quite sure when it was applied so it might be well best its best due to drying out and I like to use the same paste on all coolers, compare like for like so to speak. As you can see the Intel mounting is pre fitted and covers the 3 main sockets in use today. The fixings are spring loaded, they pull apart slightly allowing them to be moved, so once set for your socket type they won’t move about and make fitting difficult.

Flipping the block over we can see the pump is built into it and has the various logo’s printed onto it for ECO ALC and CoolIT Systems. The power is taken from a 3 pin fan style connector so could  be run from a motherboard header. I will however run it from my power supply.

The radiator fins seem to be quite dense so as to maximise cooling efficiency. A few seem to be a little bit bent but I seriously doubt this will have any adverse affects. It looks like CoolIT have added extra mountings for a second fan so I guess you can run fans either side of the radiator in push pull configuration to maybe improve the cooling ability of the set up if you had 2 identical fans.

The included fan is pre fitted to the radiator and is powered via a 4 pin PWM connector. I have no idea who makes the fan but it appears to have a couple of CoolIT “I’s” back to back on it.

The only other thing included in the box is a small bag containing four screws. These are I assume for mounting the fan / radiator to the case.

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