CoolerMaster GX750 -750W PSU
Posted on: 18.05.2010 01:00:00

The GX 750w from CoolerMaster comes in quite a striking box. It is black and blue with various colours for different details. The name is particularly striking, and reminds me of the sort you might see vinyled onto the rear 'wing' of a highly tuned Nissan R34 GTR - this is a good thing!

The box isn't overly brandished with slogans, however it is very functional - details are included. On the left hand side the connectors are listed, along with a few logos indicating "High Efficiency", "SATA", "Silent", "Intelligent Fan Controller" and "Full Protection". On the right hand side, it indicates which model you're getting (EU/UK/US etc).

On the top of the case is simply the GX 750w and CoolerMaster logos.

Again, the back of the box is very purposeful, giving power & amperages available from the PSU, along with a few standards and other specifications.

Finally, the bottom just gives a website address for you to get more information about this Power Supply, and CoolerMaster themselves. (Links for 19 countries are included!).

Considering how powerful this PSU is, I was expecting a rather large box - in fact this box is pretty much average size (the same as my 430w Seasonic came in). I wonder if the PSU is even in there?

Of course it is....

Now that we've looked at the box, let's check out the specifications.

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