Cooler Master UCP 1100W PSU
Posted on: 15.09.2008 01:00:00

The UCP 1100Wís box is minimal and simplistic, while boldly displaying its massive wattage rating.

The back of the box shows us all the specifications of the PSU and some of the key features that Cooler Master thinks make this a good PSU.

The top of the box tells us what UCP stands for, itís actually a good job it does as I wouldnít have know what it meant otherwise. The sides of the box are pretty un-eventful, with one side stating that the PSU is part of the UCP series and to visit the Cooler Master website for more information, and the other saying the same as the top of the box.

The box opens to reveal above the foam padding: a CD containing the user manual; a quick start paper guide; and a 5 year warrantee card.

Letís take look at the rated specs of this power supply.

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