Cooler Master Storm Sirus Headset
Posted on: 26.02.2013 10:56:57

Main packaging is the common windowed card box bedecked with the signature CM Storm artwork. The window gives you a little glimpse of the headset and more importantly the control hub.



Plenty to read on the back with a good rundown of the key features.


A little more info on the sides than the back with a pictorial round up of the core features and parts included, whilst the extra shots on the side are not strictly needed they do indeed serve the job well in tempting the consumer.


The headset its self and control hub are help in place and protected in vac formed plastic and are thankfully not tied down with those infernal twist ties.


Accessories are in the void behind the main compartment, it is worth noting that the Sirus comes with cloth ear pads fitted, a set of leather effect ear pads are included for less sound leakage and reduced egress of external sound.

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