Compro T300 Analogue and Digital TV tuner
Posted on: 29.12.2005 01:00:00

After removing the outer box you will find a plain brown, box that as soon as you open you are greeted with the card itself, after lifting the top layer you will find the rest of the equipment supplied with the package.

Although it seems very basic there is everything needed to start up straight away and after closer inspection I could not find any damage on any of the equipment included in the package.

As you can see included is the card it self, a remote sensor, remote, batteries, software CD, instructions and what only can be described as a cross between a cases mobo connecters and a 2 pin fan connector (more on this in install) as I said before all the components were undamaged. Time to take a look at the main bit of hardware.

The card itself has a very strange layout there were 2 connectors around the aerial input one four pin and one three pin. I searched for reference to these but could not find any info for there purpose or use. The front of the card sports a few connectors. The most interesting of these is what only can be described as a safe power up connectors.

The two white connectors are the ones I am on about, after reading the manual I find the use and then read the warnings in the manual. These are a pass through for the power switch on the motherboard, basically you would disconnect the motherboard power switch, connect it to the card and then with the supplied cable connect it back to the mainboard. This is a kind of pass through and I can only say that it has to be installed to keep the warranty, the only reason I can think this is there for is a power issue to insure the card comes on with the machine and not bios initiated. I do not know the full reason for this system to be used and would be lying if I told you I did.

The rear of the card sports the inputs, these are the coaxial Aerial, svideo in, composite in, audio in and of coarse the ir receiver cable socket. Not a bad idea if you want to run your Playstation 2 or Xbox through it as well. The main reason for the inputs I would say is an external receiver inputs, such as sky or cable. This is a plus on the MCE2005 side of things as it enables you to set up your Sky or cable with your pc as well. The remote is well laid out and kept simple with a nice hand design. Many people do not take notice of remote designs. But no offence to pinnacle but owners of their cards know about the stiff thumbs syndrome as I did once.

I have to say the remotes layout was nice and simple and looked easy to use, the question was will it be. Let us get it installed and find out.

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