Compro T300 Analogue and Digital TV tuner
Posted on: 29.12.2005 01:00:00

Compro Technology develops and markets PC graphics and multimedia products. With highly motivated and experienced engineers, innovation is the main focus at Compro. We combine the latest hardware and software technologies to provide high quality products to the rapidly evolving PC market. Founded in 1988, Compro initially focused on the OEM business by using its engineering and manufacturing skills to produce high quality products for major OEM customers including HP, Compaq and Visiontek. In 2001, Compro released its first self-branded product, Personal Cinema. Jointly developed with NVIDIA, Personal Cinema is a complete digital entertainment solution, providing 3D gaming; TV viewing, timeshifting, recording, and editing; and DVD playback.

Today we are looking at the DVB T-300 digital or analogue tuner, this is one of Comproís new offerings that not only offer the choice of either analogue or digital, itís also compatible with MCE 2005. So were better to test it than shove it in my media centre pc.

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