CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Mouse
Posted on: 29.01.2013 09:48:46

Introduction (Taken from the CM Storm page)

Sentinel Advance II features the same large ergonomic mouse body many have come to like, almost merging with your hand in palm grip, but packs a bunch of improvements. Thanks to its 128KB of on-board memory Sentinel Advance II, like its predecessors, lets you store several mouse profiles and their assigned macros on the mouse itself.

MMO Players will be glad to hear the Sentinel Advance II supports CM Storm TactiX, assigning functions to combinations of mouse buttons and the mouse wheel. As a result a vast amount of commands and macros can be programmed to its 8 buttons. Sentinels Advanced Driver Panel lets you create detailed Macros and Scripts, including commands to move the mouse pointer to predefined coordinates on your Display. No other Mouse on the market supports Macros this powerful and detailed!

My take on the topic

OK, let’s get down to it, gaming mice are everywhere, on the market today you can find close to 400 models from a variety of manufacturers from the big hitters like CM, Corsair and Razor, down to the little guys with no branding at all.

So why so many mice on the market, one simple answer is to cater for the rise in online gaming with manufacturers capitalizing on the massive demand for more and more buttons or mice that cater for differing grip styles and many more.

At its heart a mouse is a simple pointing device but in the last 10 years, and especially in the last 5, the concept of a mouse and its functionality has changed dramatically.

The CM Storm Range is Cooler Master’s gaming arm catering to mid to high end gamers, but do the products in the range meet the demands of precision and quality hungry gamers?




For a Gaming mouse for the high end gamer the specifications are a little light for serious MMO use, although quite adequate for an FPS and similar

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