Club3D 7800GT 256mb pci-e
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

Club 3D are a fairly new player in the graphics card market, Having cropped up on the market in 1997.  They are a rapidly growing company, they have a card for pretty much every GPU that the 2 big graphics players have released in the last 3 years, and have recently opened an office in the UK.

Today I will be looking at one of their high end cards that is in a sweet price-performance spot: the Club3D 7800GT.  The 7800GT is a very high end card just below the Nvidia Flagship product, the 7800GTX, but at a considerably lower price. With the glowing reports from around the web I am hoping to see an impressive card. so let's get on with the review and see what this board can do.

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