Chieftec Nitro 850W Modular PSU
Posted on: 07.09.2010 01:00:00

Thanks to its modular nature, installation of the Chieftec Nitro 85+ BPS-850C 850Watt PSU was quite easy. My only gripe was the fact that I currently only have a single-cpu-socket motherboard, and as such, the extra 4+4pin connector is just sitting below the PSU itself. It would be nice if this was detachable (or was supplied with a free twin-socket motherboard :-P).

Additionally worth noting – this PSU is not very large in size, given that it is rated for 850watts – unlike many PSUs on the market today. So if you’re building a powerful PC in a tight space, this PSU might fit nicely.

Test System:

To test the Chieftec BPS-850C PSU, I first took the voltage levels from the different connectors (as listed in the chart below) whilst my system was idle (using a digital multimeter), then took the same readings whilst my PC was under load.

Load was simulated by running MSIAfterburner (for GPU), Orthos (For CPU), AVG Free Virus-Scan (for HDD). Additionally, I turned all my fans up to 100%.

We can see here that the Chieftec BPS-850C is able to deliver – with my test rig attached, this PSU voltages barely change between idle & load – this is a good indication of stability.

I am rather surprised by the results – even with the GPU at 100% load, it barely budged the PCI-E power lines, and with the CPU  at 100% load – the 12v lines (8pin + 24pin) only budged by 0.03v – this is well within the enthusiast preferred spec. I have great confidence in this PSU – when I do come to maxing out my overclock on my new i5 760 CPU, I’ll be using this PSU for the job!

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