Chieftec Nitro 850W Modular PSU
Posted on: 07.09.2010 01:00:00

The PSU comes in a pretty protective box – everything inside is quite tight to prevent movement.

As can be seen here – the contents of the box are the PSU, Instruction Manual, kettle-lead (in black box) and modular cables.

The PSU is packaged in bubble-wrap.

And here we have THE Chieftec Nitro BPS-850C power supply. It has a graphite-like paint-job, which is very striking. Additionally – you can see here exactly how big that 140mm fan is – it takes up nearly the entire width and depth of this 850w PSU.

The back of the PSU features its very cool logo – it almost looks like some kind of American muscle engine. Additionally it lists this particular models AMP+Watt output levels on each of the rails.

The back of the PSU is vented

Here we can see the modular connections of this PSU – to the right of the modular connections, the “PCI-E, PCI, CPU” and other logos are displayed to show... erm... compatibility?

However, to the right hand side of those modular cables (upside-down) is the side – which has an embossed “Nitro 85+ Chieftec” text – quite striking, and great attention to detail.

From left to right, the modular connectors are; 4x PCI-E, 2x Sata, 2x Molex. And below, you can see the “fixed” connectors – the 20+4pin ATX connector, and 2 4+4 12v connectors. Seeing as this PSU has two 4+4pin connectors – it really does appear to be the business – capable of supporting motherboards with twin CPU sockets.

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