Chieftec CH-05B-B Aegis Mid Tower case
Posted on: 18.05.2009 01:00:00

For this review I will be looking at a new product from a well-known pc hardware manufacturer. That manufacturer is Chieftec and the product under review is one of their new cases from the mesh range the Chieftec CH-05B-B aka the Cheiftec Aegis.

Before taking a closer look at the Cheiftec Aegis here is some info about Cheiftec as taken from their website....

"Since being formed in 1990 the company Chieftec Industrial CO. Ltd has been based on the principles of flexibility, innovation and efficiency. Chieftec has ambitiously pursued the goal of perfection in case manufacturing, and quickly became the worldwide synonym for first class solutions in computer case field successfully.

One of Cheiftec’s competitive advantages is through the understanding of current market and its demand to effectively anticipate and service its worldwide customers needs promptly.

At Cheiftec we are committed to providing superior quality products, and flexibility in meeting the demands of a fast changing market.

With increasing sales growth and expansion of their market share, in 1998 Cheiftec officially established a production factory in China where more than 6000 motivated employees are working daily to fulfil the requirements of global customers.

Chieftec has not only invested in facilities for assembly, but also in house with a talented R+D team to maintain the optimum quality control on all ranges of production.

At Cheiftec we will continue to strive for “keep doing it better”, not just staying ahead of the competition, but to keep bettering ourselves."

Now we know who Cheiftec are, let us get on with the review

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