BFG/Ageia Physix card
Posted on: 09.05.2007 01:00:00

Here are a couple of screenshots from Cell Factor in high quality mode they give you a rough idea of what to expect from the game, you can interact with pretty much everything you can see and move it / blow it up and the explosions are quite spectacular. There is a low quality mode also that turns off HDR as well as a couple of other things

Some pictures on “low quality” First with “Fluid” and “Cloth” effects turned off.

And with Fluid and cloth effects turned on

You seem get more ripples?

And the “flag” billowing in the wind just doesn’t exist with Cloth effects turned off.

Now on to the demo of PhysX enabled Stoked Rider.

PhysX Disabled: - Not a great deal of detail to the snow being kicked up from the snowboard.

After PhysX: - As you can see from the pictures the Phsyx card adds more particles and debris thrown up from the snowboard, the snowball type things.  It also gives particle count readout.

On to GRAW and first the screenshots without the PhysX card.

Now the screenshots WITH the PhysX card.

A BIG difference with the card fitted on GRAW you get a lot more debris flying about from the grenades and more realistic sparks and muzzle flare from the guns.

Onto a new game now, Infernal by Eidos, which has physx capabilities. These screen shots are taken from the first action sequence in the game.

Without Physx:

And with Physx:

The difference in the still pictures is quite subtle but the glass breaking does have more, smaller particles. It does improve other features too like the way bodies react when getting shot but that really doesn’t come across in still pictures.

The final game I tried was Auto Assault. This differs from the previous games I tried, as it is an online driving come mmorpg so PhysX isn’t just limited to shooting games.

First up a screen shot without PhysX.

Next up with Physx

As you can see there are more particles, but larger in this case.

Another thing you get with PhysX is rag dolls flying through the air after running enemies over, I never noticed it in game until AFTER I had taken several dozen screen shots with and without PhysX and noticed that there wasn’t 1 in the screen shots without PhysX.

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