BFG/Ageia Physix card
Posted on: 09.05.2007 01:00:00

The pcb it’s self is a rather nice shade of blue and the first thing that struck me was that it looked just like a graphics card.

The pcb is nicely constructed and the only components that aren’t surface mounted are the power connector, the plug for the fan and the solitary jumper header that has no jumper on, I hope its supposed to be like that.

Moving round to the back of the pcb you can see the heatsink is mounted identically to the heatsinks found on most low end graphics cards so maybe it’s possible to change it for an after market graphics card cooler if the fan is too noisy??

A close up of the fan, it reminds me a bit of the fan that my trusty 6600gt came with. Its not particularly big and assuming it doesn’t spin particularly fast it shouldn’t be very loud. It has the BFG logo printed on it though it only has a 2-wire set-up? Wonder if it is variable speed?

The PhysX card takes its power from a Molex connector on the edge of the pcb, again ala graphics card style. The heatsink seems to exhaust across the back of the pcb though there appears to be some capacitors partially blocking the air flow, I am not overly bothered though as I assume from the size of the heatsink the PhysX card doesn’t run particularly hot.

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