BatteryLife Activator for Mobile phones and laptops
Posted on: 23.12.2004 01:00:00


BatteryLife Activator for Mobile phones and laptops


Today we have quite a strange review as this started out as a little news snippit about a product one of my PR contacts set me. I was as I said gong to right a long news article about it, you know we have heard it before a sticker that extends batteries and never really work, but I was so impressed I had to write a review.


The Packaging


I received the package through the post and it was more and less what I expected. The package looked simple and was well made being stiff enough to ensure there was no bending, thus insuring that the batterylife activator arrives in perfect condition.



As you can see the contents of the package include an instruction booklet and the sticker itself. The booklet contained very specific instructions on the install of the sticker, with the enthuses on ensuring the sticker ends up facing away from you.



As you can see from the animated gif the procedure is quite easy and takes no longer than 1 minute to apply, before I let you in o the results let me show you the sticker in a bit more detail.



As you can see from the photos above its just like any over sticker except the coating, peeling the back of is simple and I had no difficulty affixing it. Now this is were things got more interesting after Attaching it to my p900 which was now a year old I decided to see how long the phone would last on standby. When I first got it used to last 2 days now it last a day and a half at most. So I am hoping the battery life activator would push it back to 2 days. While running this test I got a very interesting email form my pr sources, batterylife where making a Laptop version would I like to look at it so I agreed and they sent me a pre production sample to look at as well (I must stat the only thing pre production about the sample though was no packaging and that’s it)



Wow that is one huge sticker and having seen a few laptops in my time it’s a good job too, this way it covers all laptops as well as ensuring you have more than enough. With my laptop still holding a 1 hour charge I decided to pay a visit to the in-laws and use a 1+half year old laptop that only lasted 20 minutes on battery power.



As you can see there is plenty of sticker to cover the area and as the Sony Vio has a fairly large battery the sticker proved to be more than enough.



Now for what you are reading this for the results, I calculated these by running time tests on both this included idle use and load use (yes I am referencing to load on a phone but I mean phone usage) the batterylife’s test involved sticking the stickers on waiting a few days and then looking for an improvement.


These are the amazing results I received.


Sony P900


Normal use (no calls or phone usage) 36.7 hours

Heavy use  (used m3 player for this to constantly drain the battery) 6.3 hours


Normal use (same as above but with Batterylife activator) 59.3 hours

Heavy use  (same as above but with Batterylife activator) 8.2 hours


Sony Vio Laptop

Normal use (just left on and no usage) 2.9 hours

Heavy use  (Movie playback) 20 minutes


Normal use (same as above but with Batterylife activator) 3.5 hours

Heavy use  (same as above but with Batterylife activator) 40 minutes


Part 4 – Conclusion

Wow I couldn’t believe the result on the laptop with the batterylife activator getting a 100% improvement on the usage time going from 20 minutes to 40 under heavy load. The phone well the results speak for themselves, as I said I was a bit skeptical about this product as I have tried these sort of thing before but with this I was left well put it this way a changed person. No longer will I think that there is no way a sticker could do this type of job as the Activator has proved. Batterylife have obviously researched this product and I am glad to see it expand its product into the computer world with the laptop version, not only did it work it worked very well on the two products I tested it on and I highly recommend it.





Easy to apply

It actually works


Well researched

Available for your laptop soon






Thanks to Battery life for the sample



Review by R Bowzer




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