ASUS Extreme N7800GT Dual-SLI on a single card
Posted on: 02.01.2006 01:00:00

Overall, I am very impressed by the EN7800GT DUAL and have not had as much fun gaming in a long while; I can truly say that SLi makes a massive difference to some of the latest titles available such as F.E.A.R and Call Of Duty 2 and some of the Next-Gen GFX effects are outstanding. However, I think the EN7800GT DUAL excels most in its ability to manage high resolutions without having major FPS drop, you can boost all of your older games past the 1600x1280 without having much of a problem and that is with restricted CPU’s so I dread to think what it is capable of when running along side and FX-64. I would say the only down side is the price but when you consider the cost of buying two high end 7800s I think the EN7800GT DUAL is very cost effective and in the long run could save you money


DUAL SLi One Board
Good Solid Construction
Support bar
External PSU
Large Bungle
Impressive Performance

Not For the Budget Buyer
Manual Needs Revising

Review by VMan

Thanks to ASUS for supplying the card for review

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