ASUS Extreme N7800GT Dual-SLI on a single card
Posted on: 02.01.2006 01:00:00

Hello and welcome to another Xtreme computing review, today we have a treat for you as I will be reviewing ASUS N7800GT DUAL SLi be before I move onto the review lets take a look back at ASUS past.

ASUS have been making computer components for over 15 years now and have always been a leading brand, known for the quality and reliability of their products. Over the years ASUS have grown and are now one of the largest motherboard manufacturers in the world, a resent pool shows that 1 in 4 PC owners are running their computer off an ASUS motherboard.

ASUS started from computer components such as motherboards, graphic cards, and optical storage devices now they develop a wide range of products including desktop barebones systems, servers, notebooks, PDA, network devices, broadband communications, and mobile phones. They are well respected in most areas but most of all for their motherboard and GFX development, in 2004 alone ASUS shipped over 42 million motherboards and in 2005 their revenues have increased by 28% over the previous year, ASUS claim their success is down to:

Passion for Technology Technology is the heart of ASUS. We continue to invest in our world-class Research and Development so that we are always able to provide leading-edge innovations to people and businesses.

Quality Quality is of utmost importance to ASUS. We continue to refine our quality management process to ensure customers receive quality solutions cost effectively.

Long-term Relationships Whether they are our customers, media, shareholders or consumers, we believe in growing with our partners at all levels. Relationships with those key stakeholders are one of the most important factors of our continuing success.

Perseverance All ASUS employees share the same sense of purpose. We thrive under pressure and we look forward to challenges. And all of us are working to accomplish the same mission, to empower people with innovative IT solutions. And when you look at their successes I would recommend a lot more computer manufactures follow the same guidelines.

Ok enough about ASUS as we all want to read about the N7800GT DUAL not how much money ASUS made in the past year.

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