Arctic M551 and M571 gaming mice
Posted on: 13.10.2010 01:00:00

Overall, I had no problems using either the Arctic Cooling M551 mouse, or the M571 mouse. Out of the two, I found the M571 to be the comfier mouse due to it being higher, which in turn allows it to curve more gently on the right side allowing for a better resting place for your little fingers. I found in my testing the M571 to be slightly more sensitive than the M551, but both performed pretty much the same in response and performance. This is what I expected to be honest as their specifications are so similar and it appears just their design is changed.

The M571 has a couple of extra features over the M551, but they’re not something you couldn’t live without if you opted for the M551 over the M571. They do however make for a nice addition to the feature-set, if you like being able to customise the mouse’s weight, or if you always wanted a ‘turbo’ button for left clicking.

Neither mouse will cost an arm and a leg, with the M551 retailing for around £17, and the M571 for around £20. To me, with the difference only being £3, it would seem like a no-brainer to get the M571 for its (in my opinion) better design, but if you like the shape of the M551 then you might feel like that’s the better mouse for you. They perform more or less the same anyway, so you wouldn’t loose out by doing so.

M551 gets our Gold award:

M571 gets our Recommended award:



Reality Check: The M551 and M571 mice perform pretty much identically, and well for the money. For me, the M571 wins out between the two, but there’s very little in it and only gets the nudge because of it’s more ergonomic shape. A Great choice for those on a budget.

Reviewed by Dan

Thanks to Arctic for supplying the mice for testing

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