Arctic M551 and M571 gaming mice
Posted on: 13.10.2010 01:00:00

Both mice have a 1.8m white USB cord, come with a simple but concise instruction leaflet and a couple of AC case stickers. Just for reference, and Iíll keep it this way round for the rest of the pictures, the M551 is on the top, and the M571 is on the bottom.

The two mice take a pretty different approach to ergonomics, but both manage to pull off comfort pretty well. The M571 opts for a more sleek approach looking slightly more streamlined, with elongated buttons and swish white trim, but in reality thereís not much in it.

The other side of the mice again have different approaches to resting your un-used fingers; I find the M571ís grooves more comfortable as I feel like my fingers donít have a proper place when resting on the M551ís ledge approach. The fatter curve on the M571 probably helps this too.

Here you can see how the M571 is more curved on the right like I was just describing. On the left of the M551 you can see the LED DPI notification system, Iíll show you what that looks like later in the testing part of the review.

The M551 opts for much wider buttons with a larger gap for the scroll wheel, while the M571 has the buttons much closer together.

Both mice have the dpi adjusting button on the top of the middle divide, the M571ís being smaller but not really any harder to get to and click. Weíve already seen the M551ís dpi indicator, but the M571ís is slightly more subtle; Itís actually the bit of clear plastic directly below the dpi button.

What you will have noticed on the M571 is the additional button next to the click wheel; this is the Ďprogrammed shooting buttoní. What it actually does is a macro triple click, or if you hold it down, continuous clicking. Which is useful in fps games where you want to fire in bursts.

And finally we have the bottom of the mouse to check out. The M551 is pretty sparse, and has small Teflon(?) feet, where as the M571 has larger Teflon(?) feet and a door to access the weight system (more on that during testing).

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