Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R PSU
Posted on: 12.05.2009 01:00:00

The Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R is a great power supply and should be powerful enough for all but the most powerful of pcs. Even if you dont have a powerful pc but want some peace and quiet this could be the power supply for the job as it is VERY VERY quiet, to the point of being practically silent. Ideal for a media centre pc in that respect.

Having all the sata power connectors on one cable might be a problem if you happen to have a large case with several hard drives as well as sata optical drives, rearranging the layout or using Molex to sata power converters might be the only way around this. I would advise Arctic Cooling to rethink this and put at least 1 sata power connector on the power cable with the Molex power connectors as this would alleviate a lot of potential problems.

Other than that issue and the fact it should be called a 500R I cannot fault the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R it seems to be priced a long side the competition at around 60, it looks good, if a little odd, with the fan mounted externally, though it is still inside the pc case so you wont lose any digits if you need to reach around the back of the pc whilst its powered up. All the power cables are sleeved which is another big plus point in my book as it keeps things looking neat and tidy.



Reality Check: If you are looking for a silent yet reasonably powerful psu then look no further. I award the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R power supply agold award.

Reviewed by Mac

Many thanks to Arctic Cooling for supplying the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R for review.

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