Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R PSU
Posted on: 12.05.2009 01:00:00

For the purpose of this review I will be testing the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R with the following system.


AMD Phenom 9750.

Cpu Cooling

Zaward Gyre.

Supplied by Zaward.


Abit AX78.

Supplied by Abit.

GFX Card

BFG 8800GTS 320mb.


On board.

Main Memory

4GB OCZ Titanium.


Samsung 160gb x2.



Optical Drives

Pioneer DVR 116D.

Supplied By Pioneer.


Akasa infiniti zor.

Supplied by Akasa.


On review.

On Review

Artic Cooling Fusion 55R

Supplied By Arctic Cooling.

To test the psu I will measure the voltages using a digital voltmeter, as the readings from any software application canít really be taken as much more than a guide in my opinion and also, more often than not they only show a single readout for any given power rail and this psu has dual 12 volt rails. As I donít know how they are split I will take 12v readings from the one of the hard drive connections, from the 4-way connector on the motherboard, the graphics card power connector and the 24-way mother board connector.

Readings will be taken with the pc at idle and at load. For the load readings I will be running Orthos to put maximum load on the cpu and 3d vantage to put maximum load on the graphics card burn a cd and run defrag on the hard driver, I feel this will give the maximum load this pc can put on the power supply. To begin with I will test the system just idling, running the usual background tasks and typing this review.

Installation was a very straightforward affair as expected as it was simply a case of unplugging the hardware and unscrewing the old psu from the case and screwing the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R into the case and reconnecting the psu to the motherboard and drives.

As I mentioned earlier the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R has 6 Sata power connectors on one cable and whilst I have and IDE optical drive, I offered up the first sata power connector to it and routed the rest down to the hard drives. It reached ok but, depending on your case / layout you would effectively lose a couple of connections or have to spread the hard drives out if you have several to power up.

Once it was installed I powered the machine up and I have to say the Fusion 550R is virtually silent, so much more quiet than my old power supply.

Onto the testing.

Well it would seem its going to take a significantly more powerful machine than the one I used today to make the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R deviate from the straight and narrow. At idle the rails were within 1% of their rated output bar the 3.3v rail, which was approx 2%, but even so this is well within the rated specification. Under load no rail wavered by any amount worth mentioning and its silent to boot, all in all a great result.

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