Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R PSU
Posted on: 12.05.2009 01:00:00

Getting into the packaging is simplicity as it just opens up as per any normal box would. Before looking at the psu I’ll check out any accessories that come with the Fusion 550R.

First up is the manual, which details, in full, the features and specifications and also contains detailed fitting instructions.

Next out of the box was the mains cable, mine was a 2-pin cable, of course I fully expect the correct cable to be supplied for the country of sale.

Finally, before moving on to the fusion 550R properly, a bag of 4 mounting screws and the most important accessory of all an Arctic Cooling case sticker.

Moving onto the Fusion 550R I was surprised to see it was covered in a protective plastic cover, like you would find on the window of a case, so needless to say the finish should be perfect. The 2 smaller sides have the rather neat, in my opinion, Fusion 550R logo on them.

As is the norm for a top end psu the rear of the Fusion 550R is one large grill to allow for maximum possible airflow and cooling.

Turning the Fusion 550R over we find the usual power rating information.

There is no doubt the thing that stands out the most, literally almost, is the external fan. I can sort of understand where Arctic Cooling is coming from with this as

1) It saves space inside the power supply.
2) I suppose you “could” get hot spots with a 120mm fan blowing down on the internals due to how the air has to flow through a power supply with the fan on one side and the hot air expelled on a perpendicular side.

Suffice to say it is one of their own, no surprise there really, so should be very quiet.

Onto the cables, all of the cables, apart from the fan power cable which is only 10cm or so long, are sheathed from the power supply to the last connector which is excellent as part sheathed cables make me think the manufacturer can’t be bothered to do a complete job and it looks almost as untidy as an unsheathed cable. The cables seem to be of a generous length so, hopefully, there shouldn’t be too many issues, if any, when installing it.

First up the main motherboard power connector, as is the norm this is a 20+4 way design with the +4 bit being physically attached so if you have an older set up this will need to be removed before it will fit.

The ATX motherboard power connector is “only” 4 way but the vast majority of motherboards with 8 way ATX power connections will allow the use of a 4 way connector so this wont be a problem for 99.9% of potential users.

Next are the PCI Express power cables we have 2 each of the standard 6 way and the newer 6+2 way making a total of 4 enabling you to run multiple graphics cards should you want to. As you can see from the pictures both types are clearly labelled.

Onto the drive power connections, this is where I get a little bit concerned. The sata power cable has all 6 power connections on 1 cable. I am concerned about this as I feel splitting them somehow would have been better, theory being sata optical drives and sata hard drives are very often at opposite ends of a case, optical drives in the top, hard drives in the bottom. The design team Arctic Cooling have obviously thought about this a little as connections 1 through to 4 nearest the psu are spaced closer together than 4 through to 6.

Even so if you have a large case I think you will either have to use an adapter on a Molex power connection or compromise by moving the optical drive lower down the case. Neither of which is ideal. I would have thought putting at least 1 sata power connection on the Molex power lead would have been ideal.

The Molex power cable is fitted with 3 Molex power connectors as well as a floppy power connector.

The final cable has the power connections for 2 fans, as this is only 10cm long it doesn’t really need sheathing. I think that pretty much concludes the tour around the Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R, lets get it installed and tested.

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