Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 (and Turbo Module)
Posted on: 06.07.2007 01:00:00

About arctic cooling
“In order to achieve unique products, we combine the best from West and East at the IT Hub of Hong Kong. Swiss Engineering and Western Management combined with cost efficient production in China guarantee outstanding performance and affordable price.”

About The S1
“Passive 4 heatpipes cooling solution for high performance graphics Pfäffikon/ Switzerland, 24.4.2007. The Swiss cooling solution provider – ARCTIC COOLING brings a radically new noise free experience for serious gamers. To provide passive cooling for high-end graphic cards, Accelero S1 is a high performance passive cooler featuring 4 heatpipes connected with extra large surface area.

It effectively removes a great deal of heat from the graphic cards keeping the components cool. Thanks to the elegant design, Accelero S1 outperforms some active cooling solutions. Accelero S1 creates a true industry leading zero noise cooling solution for all enthusiast gamers.

Radically new optimized passive design
Accelero S1 features 4 thick copper heatpipes which connect directly from the GPU core. The
heatpipes with sintered powder wicks provide ultimate heat conductivity. Heat from the GPU is rapidly dissipated through 32 fins that extend beyond the height of the graphic card. Optimized fin design allows better air flow thus removing the heat more effectively. Together with the bundled RAM heat sinks and voltage regulator heat spreader, Accelero S1 provides an all-round passive solution that achieves the best cooling performance.”

[Taken from Arctic Cooling’s S1 press release]

About the Turbo Module

“Boost up your passive cooling, The Turbo Module increases the potential power of Accelero S1 and S2 with enhanced cooling performance under extreme quiet operation. Turbo Module helps boost up the GPU and memory overclockability, squeezing more graphic performance than ever before.

Featuring dual high performance low noise fans, Turbo Module was designed to work together with Accelero S1 and Accelero S2 – the widely adopted and award winning passive cooler for numerous ATI and nVIDIA graphic cards. The optimized fan speed dramatically reduces the temperature of GPU, RAM and Voltage Regulator. Turbo Module especially reinforces the PC case overall ventilation, and its clip-on design allows for easy installation.”

[Taken from Arctic Cooling’s Turbo Module press release]

In today’s review is on the Arctic cooling Accelero S1. In the past I have purchased Arctic cooling products before and have been very happy with their performance and price, so was quite looking forward to doing this review.

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